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Utility Downloads

The following programs and utilities are available for download off our secure server:

Accessories for Shopkeeper users

EdtVatNo.exe  Stand-alone DOS program to allow users to add or edit customer VAT numbers and nothing else. (Free)

Ghostscript 8.61 (7.6MB) - Install on your Windows computer. Required to print html valuations directly from JSK to any Windows printer. (Free)

JSKDplay (Ver. 1.1a) (NEW version as at 07/04/06 now offers Manual mode) The Jewellery Shopkeeper Data Displayer (JskDplay) accessory program. (Requires 'Plus' licence, either DOS/Windows or Linux/Unix) Still works well with JSK on a Linux server provided the server is on the local area network. Runs on any version of Windows, including Windows 8, and is good for a shop window display.

Opera 5 (9.8MB) The web browser best for printing Shopkeeper valuations and catalogues.  Later versions of Opera, and all other web browsers, don't paginate as well. (Free)

jP460 UtilityP460 version 1.2  650KB  SSH tunneling stock-take capture file downloader/converter and uploader to remote server.  Allows remote use of Symbol P460/360 memory scanner for Linux, even if the connection is slow.  Runs on Windows 95/98/me/2000/XP. Will not run on 64-bit Windows. (Free)

PutPic UtilityPutPic version 3.xx - Prepare and upload images or JSK data files to your Linux server. Requires 'Plus' JSK licence. Runs on Windows XP or newer, or Linux with Wine.)

jskt.gif (1180 bytes)PuTTY4JSK-setup 0.74 1.7MB Windows 10/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 terminal setup for Linux version of JSK (including Demo JSK login) (Free)

Secure Shell Print Spoolersshps version 1.2. 3.0MB  SSH tunneling print spool controller - enables printing to be done to a laser or inkjet Windows-only printer on a remote workstation even if the connection is slow. Runs on Windows 95/98/me/2000/XPVista/7/8/10. (Free)

WinL32.exe   Versatile Windows printer utility for The Shopkeeper running on a Linux server on the local area network with Samba. (Free)

WinP32.exe  Windows printer utility for Windows version of The Shopkeeper. (Free)

WinSCP 3.82  Windows Secure Copy program to transfer files to and from Linux servers. (Free)

XTRACT.EXE    DOS utility to create separate files of data for a specific location. (Free)

XPEL.EXE    DOS utility to purge data for a specific location. (Free)


The Business Shopkeeper:    Full working program for new installation or to update old installations.  New installations require registration after 4 months. (See price list)

The Jewellery Shopkeeper:    Full working program for new installation or to update old installations.  New installations require registration after 4 months. (See price list)

Tags4:  A jewellery tag printing program for both dot-matrix printers and thermal transfer bar code printers.  Manual data entry or data file input.  Contact Norman for more information. (SaaS - monthly or yearly rental)

BlindMan  Poker Tournament blinds manager.  Updated Oct.2007 - now suitable for Windows Vista as well.  Enjoy the game! (Free)

General utilities

2000.exe    A simple, non invasive, program to correct the year in computers that are not Y2k compliant.  The program does not stay resident in memory and will not use any of your system resources. (Free)

Setup200-2007.exe    Windows driver for the Austik Sapphire-200 and the Z-Tags Z-TTP-200 bar code printers. 2007 version. Includes Windows Vista.  (Note: This is not required when using the printer with The Jewellery Shopkeeper.) (Free)