PutPic - a Windows image processing utility for JSK Plus using SSH server. Server can be at a remote location.

Record images for Merchandise, Standard stock, Raw materials, repair order as well as Customers' own items, and inventory images coded by supplier stock reference. All inventory and customer images are automatically used for valuation certificates and picture catalgues. The same PutPic utility now also allows data file transfer to the 'shuttle' folder on your server without additional configuration settings.

Runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, this utility requires ImageMagick as well.  Please download both install programs.  For updates you only need to download PutPic itself.

Download PutPic (2.2MB) Version 3.23 <-- Latest version 2021 with safe file naming

Download PutPic (2.1MB) Version 3.23  (without camera module) <-- Latest version 2021 with safe file naming

Download ImageMagic (6.7MB) (No update of ImageMagick required when updating PutPic.)

ImageMagick has the option to install an Icon on your Desktop - this is unnecessary for PutPic.  In fact you will never directly use any of the ImageMagick features while using PutPic. But do be sure to check the box next to "Update executable search path" on the Aditional Tasks screen (leave all other options unchecked).

Licence details:  PutPic is copyright by Norman Perelson and is included with the JSK Plus licence at no extra charge.

ImageMagick license details can be found here.