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The Jewellery Shopkeeper is fully image aware.

 Although, due to design restrictions, the data entry terminals cannot display these images, the images are shown on both screen and printed reports and valuation certificates.

Images can be assigned to all of The Jewellery Shopkeeper inventory types, including raw materials and workshop orders. Not only that; images can also be stored for customer's own jewellery (for use in valuation certificates) and in supplier records linked to the supplier's stock codes, thus allowing one image to be automatically assigned to multiple merchandise codes.

Image capture with PutPic

PutPic is an essential add-on and is included as part of The Shopkeeper Plus. Whether your server is located on premises or in the cloud, PicPic provides reliable and securely encrypted file transfer for images and other data. But not only that -- it also has built-in intelligence to know where to put the images and data after first offering you various image enhancing functions.

 PutPic screenshots