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As a user of our software we consider you to be an active part of our business. Your success is our success. This fact has helped us to build a proud record of excellent service.

General off-site support
Includes training, help, mistake corrections and regular software updates.
Telephone, IM, VoIP, SSH etc. (including WhatsApp, BBM, Vox-087, TeamViewer and Skype)

Maintenance fee at 3% of licence value per month or 33% per year.

Get your free personal copy of Teamviewer with our compliments, to allow us to take control of your computer when you need us to help you to install invoice and label printers.
Click on this direct link for TeamViewer download.


Data backup service
Full JSK data backup is performed at least twice per day. Each data change is kept for 13 months so that any or all files can be restored or duplicated as at any previous date required.
Backups are kept on off site secure servers so that users can have peace of mind that their data is secure against all forms of damage or loss.

This service is charged at a rate that depends on the number of backups done per day and the size of the database. Starting at less than R1.00 per backup.

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SMS relay service

Shopkeeper Solution's unique two-way email->SMS & SMS->email service is fully integrated into JSK. See for full details.