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JSK Update Log - (Updated 19 January 2019)

Updates to the 16-bit DOS version were stopped in January 2011. The 32-bit Windows version software updates were stopped in June 2014. Only the efficient and versatile unix terminal version, solidly built using the German FlagShip compiler is undergoing constant development with the future in mind.

Due to our forward thinking plans for a product with superior performance at an affordable sustainable cost, the SSH terminal (Linux) version of JSK, either self-hosted or in the cloud, is currently the only version that we recommend and has all the latest features and our full support.

Latest enhancements: (build 6J019)
(Note: Bug fixes are attended to as soon as they are reported and are not listed here.)

Older Update History - click here (Only enhancements made since January 2019 are listed on this page.)

15/01/15 Improved labels all-received experience. Shows Qty to print. More friendly
19/01/19 Improved SMS replies. Bold reply text. Reply link now works on Android

Please contact support if you discover a bug or wish to request an enhancement.

JSK Icon - Click on this for the plus versionThe Shopkeeper Unix/Linux (All Versions) (Build 6J019) For use from any operating system on desktop, laptop, tablet/slate and most smartphones. No install wizard is provided for these versions. Regular updates and twice-daily (6-times daily in the case of cloud) off-site data backups are provided as a standard service by Shopkeeper Solutions. No self-administration is required.

Free 30-day trial is available with no obligation to buy. Email with your name and company details.

Important notes regarding the old 32-bit Windows version - JSK32

Although we still provide operator assistance for this version, no updates or fixes will be forthcoming.

IF you wish to continue using this version, please note that it WILL NOT RUN ON WINDOWS 10!!! It does still work on the current version of Windows 8.1, but future update patches from Microsoft might break that ability.

This version used older technology and lacks all the new features. The lack of ability to scroll back screen reports alone make the move to the secure (SSH) terminal version a must. Ability to print all reports directly to emailed PDF is another important feature missing from this version. The third thing to consider is that by using the system on you own computer you alone are responsible for the integrity and backup of your data. The extra costs of using our cloud services are easily justified by any one of the advantages.

The good news is that we are offering FREE UPGRADE to the new version provided that you are currently on a maintenence agreement.

Want to learn more about why you should upgrade to the Linux version? Click here