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The Jewellery Shopkeeper has a fully-featured valuation letter writer. It also has fully automatic quick valuations that will include all the technical data and descriptions that were entered when the items were received for stock.

Both items that were sold from stock and customer's own jewellery can be included in a valuation certificate.

An unlimited number of items can be saved for each customer. All, or just a selected few, can be printed at one time.

Apart from printouts of the valuations, they can also be emailed as PDF files.

DEfault valuationDefault valuation. Note item 2 says "(As at 16/05/13)" next to the value. This is automatically added to valuations that have not been recently revised.

USD valuation with exchange rate & gold priceUSD valuation with gold price and exchange rate. The USD prices and exchange rates are automatically updated daily. No manual calculations are required.