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Norman Perelson

With an electronics and amateur radio background, Norman started his own electronics business in 1966 which he is still running today - now specialising in computerised information systems.

Norman's interests and hobbies are numerous, but for exersize and fresh air he goes geocaching.  Other interests are living things and trying to understand the psychology of software development.

Currently he is experimenting with different kinds of RFID systems and has already developed a working, all-in-one cordless hand-held, UHF RFID reader that send the data directly by WiFi to an instance of The Jewellery Shopkeeper on the cloud. This is by far the easiest-to-use reader, having just an on-off switch and a trigger switch to activate the reads. Tags can be scanned from up to 1m away, thus allowing stock-takes without removing stock from display windows.

You can reach me by e-mail at:

Odessa PerelsonOdessa Perelson

The youngest member of Shopkeeper Solutions CC.  Joined the company in February 1985.  Literally born into the computer business, she recently received post matric certificates, all with distinction, in Small Business Management, Fundamentals of Microsoft Office XP, Practical Bookkeeping, Basic Bookkeeping and Fundamentals of Pastel 7 Accounting.

Odessa is already proving to be a natural at network configuration, computer assembly and repairs.  She helped revise The Shopkeeper reference manual - making hundreds of corrections to her father's best effort.  She is now back at the office after doing a stint in London.

Odessa has become proficient at Linux System Administration, Networking and general software management.

You can reach Odessa by e-mail at:







Dorothy Webster
Dorothy Webster

Dorothy joined the company in June 1997, after having worked as an accountant with the first user of The Jewellery Shopkeeper, Francarlo Jewellers, for 14 years.  She really knows the program and understands all the practical problems that jewellers encounter.  To better serve our clients, Dorothy recently studied for, and achieved, a certificate in Financial Accounting from Varcity College School of Business and Technology.

Dorothy, offers one-on-one training at the user's premises, anywhere in South Africa (or beyond?), and has the patience and perseverance to get the most "computer-challenged" beginner up and running.

You can reach Dorothy by e-mail at:




Abegail KukhweAbegail Kukhwe

Since the early days of The Jewellery Shopkeeper, when Shopkeeper Solutions was still called Computer Park, Abegail has been successfully maintaining the hygiene standards and orderliness of the working  environment.

She always willingly assists with packing parcels and answering the telephones when others are busy.






Simphiwe TyokinaSimphiwe Given Tyokina

Also known as Given, Mr Tyokina is the outdoor environmental manager and literally the strength of the company.  He is always happy to assist with the big jobs in between maintaining the beauty of the garden.

Andrew PerelsonAndrew Perelson, Jenna Perelson, Kyla Perelson

Andrew is Norman's older son.

He completed a National Diploma in Computer Data Processing at the PE Technikon in 1992.  After that he spent two years working for Eskom in Durban.  Then he contracted for 2 years in PE.  Then contracted for 2 years in the UK.  In 1999 he came back to PE, completed a BTech degree part time, and has been contracting in the IT sector here ever since.
His main clients in PE have been the University and the Municipality.
His skill set includes, but is never limited to:
- Software Development
- Systems Architecture, Design & Planning
- Project Management
- Business Analysis
- Database Design & Management

He may one day be qualified enough to work for shopkeeper Solutions.  But until then he is just a consultant for his father.

He is married to Leigh-Anne and now has three daughters.

Stephen PerelsonStephen Perelson

Stephen is Norman's younger son.

Stephen is a veteran of many years of study that culminated in 2001 with a Masters degree in information technology. He has lectured full time at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in the School of ICT between developing software for a variety of markets.

Stephen is currently consulting professionally within the IT field.  His worst-paying client is Shopkeeper Solutions.

Stephen is now married with two children - twin boy and girl.







Here is a new group photo: Left to right (adults): Odessa, Norman, Andrew, Leigh-Anne, Jessica, Stephen. And Norman's grandchilhdren: Jenna, Kyla, Becca, Caiden and Haley (twins). Perelson clan