Changes to

The Jewellery Shopkeeper

2002 (Windows/DOS/Linux)

The following is a log of program changes in chronological order.  Minor bug fixes and housekeeping changes are included for completeness.  A few of the changes listed may not be applicable to your version - see note below at September 2002.

02/01/02Fixed price encryption so that local and $ encryption are separately selectedBugFix
02/01/02Added 3-across (dumbbell) labels to Plus feature standardEnhancement
02/01/02Cleaned graphics characters from custom label editorBugFix
02/01/02Added location field to raw material check /stock listsEnhancement
08/01/02Fixed messages on sales vouchersBugFix
09/01/02Fixed inventory detailed sales report for old journalsBugFix
10/01/02Made exchange rate verification more pervasive. Disallowed zero exch. rateBugFix
11/01/02Fixed iappro.str, grade 3 dollar invoicing, purchase voucher importingBugFix
16/01/02Added gold price and exchange rate printing option for valuationsEnhancement
16/01/02Added optional customer branch filter to phone/email listEnhancement
17/01/02Changed sales statistics report POS password from 4 to 2 charactersHousekeeping
17/01/02Added fax/cellphone field to customer lookup/listerEnhancement
17/01/02Added alert-protected option to print out-of-stock merchandise labelsEnhancement
17/01/02Gave string-tags the Dollar/raw-material optionsEnhancement
17/01/02Fixed old encrypted price option for dumbbell tagsBugFix
17/01/02Removed block from transfers to location (Premjis)Customize
17/01/02Incremented Linux version to 4.1Housekeeping
18/01/02Added blank spare/box label option to Austik labelEnhancement
19/01/02Added printer selection for statements (normal & recon.)Enhancement
21/01/02Added password (4-char) for refunds via zip-sales & normal salesEnhancement
23/01/02Added fax/work number to service order vouchersEnhancement
25/01/02Improved "Price too low" warning with mixed currency optionsBugFix
25/01/02Updated jpeg image viewer to allow faster computersEnhancement
28/01/02Fixed manual debit order payment not listing on deposit report detailBugFix
28/01/02Fixed debit orders on payments report not listing under banked columnBugFix
28/01/02Blocked POS users from listing format of sales vouchersEnhancement
29/01/02Fixed double-spacing of sold items in merch. file maint. listBugFix
30/01/02Fixed printing of SSR field on dual-price dot-matrix labelsBugFix
31/01/02Changed journal recording of consignment conversions from negative to positiveBugFix
31/01/02Fixed monthend licence check for non-plus unix versionBugFix
03/02/02Fixed standard (undomiciled) version of Browns/Hypergold's valuation vouchersBugFix
09/02/02Added password protection for POS returns if Messages=E0/E3Enhancement
11/02/02Added sale price value to merchandise summary reportsEnhancement
11/02/02Added branch filter to merchandise range markupEnhancement
11/02/02Added markup-from-sale-price to range markup (merchEnhancement
14/02/02Added licence option to allow zero costs without warning (Costing=Lenient)Enhancement
15/02/02Stopped negative credit notes from printing "Credit Note" instead if "Invoice"BugFix
17/02/02Fixed reference to line 24 of display in std.stock receive price-to-low warningBugFix
22/02/02Fixed non-standard VAT on Expense transactionsBugFix
25/02/02Fixed averaged new std.stock receipts, cost of new receiptBugFix
02/03/02Added branch/loc. identification to header of raw material reports by locationEnhancement
02/03/02Fixed Unix/Linux screen version of raw reportsBugFix
06/03/02Re-adjusted timing of RS232 scanner input, made BSK match JSKBugFix
09/03/02Fixed multi-user purchase order entry from duplicating order numbers.BugFix
09/03/02Added multiple header definitions for each branch to allow mixed voucher typesEnhancement
11/03/02Allowed sales of up to 1.999 millionEnhancement
20/03/02Fixed graft export spelling and block on letters I and OBugFix
02/04/02Fixed invoice account balance message to not show on Std. invoicesBugFix
17/04/02Year-end journal index key updated to new standardBugFix
20/04/02Added option to do range markups calculated on price-per-grammeEnhancement
20/04/02Added option to select range markups by material codeEnhancement
21/04/02Improved test example figures for sell-point calculationEnhancement
21/04/02Added option to omit dollar priced items from range mark-upEnhancement
21/04/02Removed 6-char. password when returning merchandise to new locationBugFix
28/04/02Fixed mass an values posting for raw material transferswhen qty<>1BugFix
28/04/02Fixed Messages=E option for no password protection of returns if not E0-E3BugFix
30/04/02Fixed raw receiving bug when Tax=GST (since 31/01/2002)BugFix
30/04/02Raw receiving prompts to set unit to "Each" if received by unit of quantityEnhancement
30/04/02Fixed raw material dollar value per unit display in raw-edit programBugFix
05/05/02Fixed *ADM bug in credit overide identificationBugFix
05/05/02Added credit check for insurance company before posting insurance invoiceEnhancement
16/05/02Added "FIXNAMES" utility to command menuEnhancement
17/05/02Fixed merchandise summary reports - added dollar amountsBugFix
17/05/02Allowed 'wild card' entry for salesman's code in SRTT selectionsEnhancement
17/05/02Allowed 'wild card' entry for salesman's code in IR DetailedSales selectionsEnhancement
18/05/02Improved refund of credit balance logic. Added passwordBugFix
18/05/02Fixed raw material cost-on-hand reportBugFix
18/05/02Fixed overflow in SRT-By salesmn - detailed & generalBugFix
18/05/02Fixed overflows in creditor transaction and age analysis reportsBugFix
20/05/02Fixed overflow in customer age analysisBugFix
20/05/02Fixed totals in inventory check list - summary and overflowsBugFix
21/05/02Fixed batch merge bugBugFix
22/05/02Fixed old valuation letter search in mail selection (Unix/Linux)BugFix
22/05/02Allowed edit of sup.stk.ref in merchandise using back-doorHousekeeping
23/05/02Added a date order check with optional sort to customer transaction reportsEnhancement
24/05/02Cleaned customer transaction journal report formatHousekeeping
30/05/02Fixed bqty bug when merchandizing service orders (unix/linux only)BugFix
30/05/02Made merchandizing's choice for diamond weight omit group D, except D0 - D9Housekeeping
31/05/02Removed "ct", added "wght" to valuation interpretation of subdesc. "mass" fieldBugFix
31/05/02Bumped Linux version to 4.3Housekeeping
04/06/02Added Primary Group Totals to merchandise check list, no prices shown.Enhancement
05/06/02Fixed unlikely potential "musr" bug in rewards programBugFix
05/06/02Fixed old "UNIXUSER" to be "unixusr1"-"unixusr9" if network name undefinedBugFix
07/06/02Fixed currency symbol for inventory labelsBugFix
07/06/02Fixed Dollar-converted valuationsBugFix
10/06/02Changed standard stock reporting in Finder from total to net grammesBugFix
10/06/02Fixed add-on VAT grand total on appro noteBugFix
11/06/02Added category filter to sales transaction report (SRTT)Enhancement
12/06/02Added "Costing=" help to licence details editor (see 14/02/02)Enhancement
13/06/02Fixed location filter for stack-take print option (Unix/Linux)BugFix
13/06/02Fixed merchandise turnover report for non-default stocking period & consignmntBugFix
13/06/02Made raw material labels give priority to per-unit field rather than end descr.BugFix
14/06/02Fixed transaction journal report (SRTT) branch selection (new bug)BugFix
17/06/02"-R" option in piped lp command not supported in Linux. Use lpsock instead.Housekeeping
18/06/02Fixed recently (29/12/01) broken till control in unix/linuxBugFix
18/06/02Stopped P.O.S. users access from mailing lists & batch mergeEnhancement
19/06/02Fixed Std.Stk check list by branch to show error quantities when total=0BugFix
21/06/02Stopper pos users from seeing $ cost without passwordEnhancement
21/06/02Fixed pos user access to $ costs in service ordersBugFix
24/06/02Fixed new bug in payment list when asking to sort journalBugFix
24/06/02Added 1/2 second delay after zipsale address detail to help Unix printingBugFix
24/06/02Re-installed hidden summary std.stk turnover ratio reportBugFix
24/06/02Fixed location selection in consignment reports (Unix/Linux)BugFix
24/06/02Supplied report forms for consignment stock for Unix/Linux versionBugFix
03/07/02Fixed rare bug in preventing petty list in deposit reportBugFix
03/07/02Fixed new (19/06/02) bug in standard stock check list selected by branchBugFix
03/07/02Cleaned 'Press any key...' promptsBugFix
03/07/02Fixed standard stock re-recieving to default to last cost (not average cost)BugFix
04/07/02Cleaned error exits screen messages in recon. statementsBugFix
04/07/02Made valuation footer disappear together with headings when Messages=VVHousekeeping
05/07/02Fixed obscure bug in merch. unreceiving consignment when invalid supplierBugFix
08/07/02Fixed cheque clearing by department in G.L. recon.+BugFix
09/07/02Modified RS232 scanner interface to ignore all control chars.(for P360 scanner)BugFix
09/07/02Fixed new (21/06/02) bug stopping till drawer from workingBugFix
15/07/02Opened purchase orders to limited version options (except lim=1)Enhancement
15/07/02Added dollar-priced items to inventory reports by price rangeEnhancement
15/07/02Allowed editing of active customer branch & category with warning and passwordEnhancement
25/07/02Fixed Unix/Linux Duplicate by reference branch filterBugFix
25/07/02Added 6 new colour schemes (C1-C6 as 3rd parameter)Enhancement
25/07/02Bumped Unix/Linux version number to 4.4Housekeeping
25/07/02Graft import & exportcarries consignment stock, with caution alert for old JSKEnhancement
25/07/02Fixed missing identifier in merch. turnover reportBugFix
26/07/02Fixed std.stock check list by branch to include all & only non-zero itemsBugFix
26/07/02Made default header date for summary trial balance equal last month-end dateEnhancement
26/07/02Added licence option for Qty_Decimals=1 instead of just 2 (Also added '...=0')Enhancement
26/07/02Added Qty_Decimals to StockTake capture, list and reportsEnhancement
26/07/02Added Save, Get and Append to G.L. Batch editing options.Enhancement
26/07/02Improved directory listing of saved lettersEnhancement
28/07/02Added ability to return raw material parcels through purchase receivingEnhancement
28/07/02Added price input for raw material recieved through purchase vouchersEnhancement
28/07/02Added option to save any sales voucher as a disk fileEnhancement
29/07/02Moved TMPx.PRN print output to each user's temporary directoryEnhancement
29/07/02Added option under S T Duplicate to print saved print fileEnhancement
30/07/02Fixed expense vouchers to not expense quantity from price lookup codesBugFix
30/07/02Removed zero-cost alert of price is less than 5.00Enhancement
30/07/02Stopped zero-cost alert for quotationsBugFix
31/07/02Added date input for payment entries (limited to current month and admin mode)Enhancement
31/07/02Added journal date sort check to statements and extended statementsEnhancement
31/07/02Fixed minor bug in journal sort routine (could have displayed wrong message)BugFix
31/07/02Made payment date entry a licence option (AskFor=D)Enhancement
01/08/02Removed password for POS Data Journal Inventory. Now no cost shown.Enhancement
02/08/02Fixed P460 RS232 scanner input (broken since 02/07/2002)BugFix
04/08/02Added option to save quotation/proforma voucher as a disk fileEnhancement
04/08/02Added password protection for POS returns if Messages=E0/E3Enhancement
05/08/02Fixed frame around indexing check at start of program to avoid graphicsBugFix
08/08/02Fixed split-cheque clearing for specified bank accountBugFix
09/08/02Fixed merchandise turnover report (standard JSK)BugFix
09/08/02Added locking to prnttran & set mfile private to fix save-duplicate bugBugFix
11/08/02Fixed latest-cost switching to average cost when looping back in stk receivingBugFix
11/08/02Added GL Account to View Creditor's account. Tidied creditors ledgerEnhancement
12/08/02Fixed position of average/latest cost prompt in StdStk receivingBugFix
12/08/02Added GL account lookup and verification alerts for batch & standard browseEnhancement
13/08/02Added automatic posting of VAT to G.L. on late-posted creditor journal entriesEnhancement
14/08/02Fixed till (Ctrl-T) in Unix from code entry fieldsBugFix
14/08/02Fixed spacing of Ritters deposit voucher headingBugFix
15/08/02Fixed POS-mode prompt for dollar price exchange rate is salesBugFix
16/08/02Fixed department promt to allow 2-characters when posting affiliateBugFix
16/08/02Added commit command after all transactions to expedite hard disk updates.BugFix
16/08/02Improved Tally cashup program to do late add of computer totalEnhancement
16/08/02Fixed old bug in Unix/Linux version that allowed only branches A-WBugFix
17/08/02Fixed last-price-obtained recording in std.stock when quantity sold is not oneBugFix
17/08/02Fixed quick valuation for normal saleBugFix
17/08/02Fixed unlikely possibility of bad default file name when saving voucher printBugFix
20/08/02Fixed $-Cost mode persistance if next receipt not on consignmentBugFix
20/08/02Fixed Unix/Linux version of xmerge utilityBugFix
22/08/02Fixed merchandise summary summary report (was too wide), cleaned detailedBugFix
22/08/02Fixed form-feed-before-printing 'bug' in most listing reportsBugFix
22/08/02Disabled Escape key escape from printer error (was causing freezing)BugFix
22/08/02Cleaned, removed unused lower case utilityHousekeeping
23/08/02Updated all prg files to new, named procedure, format. Made OMENU->MAINHousekeeping
23/08/02Made licence checking routines not wait for full access to data filesBugFix
23/08/02Added option to check for duplicate purchase journal entries before postingEnhancement
26/08/02Made program source compatible with fs5 compiler. Bumped version to 4.5Housekeeping
26/08/02Fixed appro report selection layoutBugFix
27/08/02Added selling forex exchange rates editor and storageEnhancement
27/08/02Added scrolling viewer to saved duplicate when printing to screenEnhancement
29/08/02Stopped purchase voucher returns from returning an item if on approBugFix
29/08/02Made return of appro of unreceived/expensed item clear the on-appro flagBugFix
30/08/02Added Messages=X option to allow refunds without passwordEnhancement
01/09/02Made Unix _xxx printer options work on Linux as wellBugFix
01/09/02Added multiple currency/card payment methods to zipsale & bankingEnhancement
01/09/02Fixed payment analysis report to correctly report new payment methodsBugFix
03/09/02Fixed AskFor=D licence option (aws requiring "DDD" instead of "D"BugFix
04/09/02Increased salesman width in sales transactions transactions report to 4-charHousekeeping
04/09/02Changed wording on zipsale tax invoice details entry window to make universalEnhancement
05/09/02Updated payment methods for Gift Voucher Sales, added Amex/Diners/EtcEnhancement
05/09/02Made valuation letter width and address margin user-adjustableEnhancement
05/09/02Added option (Printer 1 = LPTn/R) to reset printer before starting listingsEnhancement
05/09/02Added currency symbol to 40-column sales vouchersEnhancement
06/09/02Fixed width of SRTT (detailed) Sales Report (was too wide)BugFix
07/09/02Removed "Charge Verify" warning for credit card payments over 200.00Housekeeping
07/09/02Improved user dialog and fixed "all branch" selection to phone/e-mail listsBugFix
07/09/02Made sale transaction post immediately after printing even in admin modeHousekeeping
07/09/02Added gold weight to merchandise finder reports. Increased size of value fieldsEnhancement
09/09/02Added currency symbol to standard sales vouchersEnhancement
09/09/02Added full foreign /mixed currency payments to normal salesEnhancement
09/09/02Moved 1st lines of valuation description. right so as to line up left marginBugFix
11/09/02Fixed merchandise receiving to optionally allow own raw material on consignmentBugFix
11/09/02Fixed new other-bank-card bug in zipsalesBugFix
13/09/02Fixed zero-amount zipsale from printing "RETURN/REFUND" intead of "SALE"BugFix
16/09/02Improved structure updater to automatically delete old backup filesEnhancement
16/09/02incorporated standard version of JSK into JSK-Plus (Now only one version)Housekeeping
17/09/02Fixed tally cash float allowance in Linux/Unix versionBugFix
17/09/02Fixed mixed payment methods on gift voucher salesBugFix
18/09/02Fixed sales file maintenance menu (new bug related to forex)BugFix
19/09/02Fixed ISUB and CINSTALL purge/cleanse utilitiesBugFix
20/09/02Added Service Order pictures - name them IMAGES\SR000001.JPG etc.Enhancement
20/09/02Added use of raw material images - save them as IMAGES\D0001.JPG etc.Enhancement
20/09/02Fixed consignment reports for merch & std.stock - esp. screen versionsBugFix
22/09/02Removed null characters from letter writer output (stopped windows printing)BugFix
22/09/02Added 132-column support for windows printers (WINx_132.BAT)Enhancement
22/09/02Fixed merchandise old cost reports (broken 22/08/02)BugFix

Note: September 2002

  • Maintaining two versions became too much of a burden and was not helping anyone.   Therefore, as from September 2002, the Plus version has been made the one and only version.  Major Plus-version features, like the consignment stock and Dollar pricing, have been blocked from users who have not purchased the upgraded licence.  Future lists of changes will reflect only the full list although some items may be blocked from your version of the program.  If there is any item listed that you need and can't find on your copy of the program, ask us - it may be a free option that just requires an enabling setting.
24/09/02Added option (Printer 1 = LPTn/R) to reset printer before starting listingsEnhancement
25/09/02Fixed double-month VAT report so as to print correctly on Windows printerBugFix
26/09/02Improved debit order list so as to show requested amount on same lineEnhancement
26/09/02Fixed 6-day-old bug in raw receiveBugFix
30/09/02Password protected sales of standard stock when no stock in locationEnhancement
30/09/02Increased maximum sale value limit from 999999.99 to 1999999.99 (Linux/Unix)Enhancement
01/10/02Fixed new "Not licensed" licence bug for non-plus versionBugFix
03/10/02Made group and mat code file maintenance multi-user (eliminates Ref-5 & Ref-10)Enhancement
03/10/02Fixed Service/Repair order image viewingBugFix
03/10/02Made Raw material add/edit fully multi-user and added unused code searchEnhancement
04/10/02Fixed escape-from-deliverynote option (new bug causing hanging)BugFix
04/10/02Made zipsale voucher show quantity instead of diamond weight if qty not oneBugFix
05/10/02Allowed 132-col. Windows printing when WINP_132.BAT is only in C:\WindowsBugFix
07/10/02Made purchases receiving aware of consignment merchandice & std.stockBugFix
10/10/02Added range write-up for merch. & std.stock to only operate on consignmnt itemsEnhancement
10/10/02Allowed receiving of merchandise with prices up to 1.9millionEnhancement
16/10/02Removed currency field check from oparam.dbf structure updateBugFix
18/10/02Fixed rare cost-of-unreceived raw material with total instead of remaining costBugFix
18/10/02Removed the null character from the 6-inch-form voucher setup (now 48 lines)Housekeeping
22/10/02Fixed GL post ancil. creditors bug (where posting extra payment in last month)BugFix
22/10/02Added supplier filter to detailed inventory sales report also for non-consgnmntEnhancement
24/10/02Fixed display of service order mass-in (was hidden)BugFix
24/10/02Fixed no-charge sales so as to stop asking for reason for zero VAT/GSTBugFix
27/10/02Made New-Structure utility refuse files with memo fieldEnhancement
27/10/02Added HTML Valuation Letter option to zipsale valuationsEnhancement
28/10/02Added image filename display, or "not found" message, to inventory maintenanceEnhancement
28/10/02Fixed bug causing crash when re-receiving standard consignment stockBugFix
31/10/02Fixed position of edit windows in HP instalment editorBugFix
01/11/02Changed "Abort" to "Give-up" in file locking alerts where "Quit" is not resultHousekeeping
01/11/02MonthEnd safety improved. More escapes and logging. Customer now first.Enhancement
01/11/02Stopped consignment receipts from showing on goods received summaryBugFix
01/11/02Fixed conversion of local cost when converting consignment to own, allowed escBugFix
01/11/02Fixed conversion of $ to local for valuationsBugFix
03/11/02Added HTML Valuation Letter option to full valuationsEnhancement
03/11/02Valuation title underline printer types: E=Epson, I=IBM, H-HP otherwise GenericBugFix
03/11/02Changed default printer for saved duplicates to 0 (screen)Housekeeping
04/11/02Added "Transaction Processed" messages to sales & zipsalesEnhancement
07/11/02Allowed immediate receiving of raw materials without navigating menusEnhancement
08/11/02Improved group code selection for service ordersEnhancement
10/11/02Allowed valuation images of customer's jewellery. Values to 10 million. (HTML)Enhancement
12/11/02Added strict option to passkey program that overrides Passkeys=OffEnhancement
12/11/02Updated BSK payments program, customised payment passkey for G.Enc.Customize
12/11/02Customised statement for G.Enc. (cust.Tel.&Fax. printed)Customize
13/11/02Added ability to use consignment raw materials in new merchandiseEnhancement
15/11/02Added MIXED/CSH/ETC payment method (not detailed for serv.orders & payments)Enhancement
17/11/02Added automatic deletion of image files when purging respective inventory codesEnhancement
17/11/02Merchandise & Std.stk purge was not deleting dollar & consignment dataBugFix
17/11/02Added passkey requirement to change customer branch (G.Enc. olny)Customize
17/11/02Added a date order check with optional sort to cus. trans. reports & sttmntsEnhancement
20/11/02Added HTML catalog version of price listsEnhancement
21/11/02Made inventory transfers display transfer reference number after postingEnhancement
23/11/02Made receipt printing for cash payments optional with "AskFor=R"Enhancement
23/11/02P.O.S. sales voucher printing optional with "AskFor=RR" (cash payment too)Enhancement
24/11/02Allowed POS journal entries if AskFor=DDRR in licence optionsHousekeeping
24/11/02Fixed Loc(flag) prompt for std.stock on consignment report (was ambiguous)BugFix
25/11/02Cleaned Screen painting for Linux when individual labels are not foundBugFix
26/11/02Put back percentage option to Std.Stk Price List (except for HTML catalogue)Housekeeping
27/11/02Fixed valuation letter editor (broken since 10/11/02)BugFix
27/11/02Fixed totol (sic) replace (was appending) in valuation letter writerBugFix
29/11/02Changed catalog program file use to shared (was readonly)BugFix
01/12/02Added "Max Str" in About screen to show contiguous working memoryHousekeeping
02/12/02Opened zipsale foreign currency payment options to non-plus versionHousekeeping
05/12/02Expanded post capture file utility. Now for merchandise as well as std.stockEnhancement
06/12/02Removed "Date:...." from bottom of HTML valuationHousekeeping
06/12/02Gave merchandise summary report option to report consignment merchandiseEnhancement
09/12/02Edited amend fields for cusanaly and imerchHousekeeping
11/12/02Made range markup of merch. & std.stk consignment-aware and fixed dollar alertsBugFix
11/12/02Expanded supplier currency fields to allow +-9 millionHousekeeping
12/12/02Fixed AskFor=RR and changed P(ost to S(kip in zipsale (to match norm.sale)BugFix
12/12/02Improved deposit messages - check for nothing-to-depositEnhancement
19/12/02Fixed Askfor=RR in normal sale (was still forcing printout)BugFix
19/12/02Added 'Messages=N' to skip password when negative stock on hand.Enhancement
20/12/02Put updated amend template file onto Internet updateHousekeeping

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