Changes to

The Jewellery Shopkeeper

2001 (Windows/DOS)

The following is a log of program changes in chronological order.  Minor bug fixes and housekeeping changes are included for completeness.

05/01/01Always allowed edit if merchandise is in stock (not just customer=0)BugFix
09/01/01Added cellphone number to service order printouts (customer and detailed)Enhancement
16/01/01Relaxed re-use code in relaxed mode to ignore changed description as wellEnhancement
16/01/01Added utility to purge or change duplicate standard stock codesEnhancement
16/01/01Added cat code filter to graft importEnhancement
17/01/01Added closing stock (rather than total mean) cost option to merch. turnover rptEnhancement
17/01/01Fixed normalising bug in merch turnover rpt if days stock was not 365BugFix
17/01/01Made stock-take capture/blind capture programs multi-userEnhancement
22/01/01Added filtered delete and printed list to stock take capture file optionsEnhancement
24/01/01Fixed more branch filter bugs in appro reportsBugFix
25/01/01Fixed blind scan stock take program so as to work with continous data againBugFix
25/01/01Fixed position of date on vouchersBugFix
25/01/01Removed non-working customer branch filter from appro reportsBugFix
27/01/01Added system constants (with password2) and about screens to POS accessEnhancement
27/01/01Updated copyright notice to 2001Housekeeping
28/01/01Fixed bug in xtract program (related to franchisee grafting)BugFix
28/01/01All-user update to build 21025Housekeeping
02/02/01Fixed merch edit/view bug when item is out on appro (bug since 27/11/2000)BugFix
03/02/01Fixed inventory journal recording of merchandise values in graft exportBugFix
03/02/01Added automatic creation of graft file after invoicing a grade 3 customerEnhancement
03/02/01Added reprint and quick valuation options after normal sale (as per zipsale)Enhancement
03/02/01Fixed latent bug in HP instalment calculator which could cause mcus corruptionBugFix
04/02/01Adding computer data file input for purchase vouchersEnhancement
06/02/01Fixed slsmn bug in purchase voucher/order printout (was printing .F.)BugFix
06/02/01Fixed bug in normal sale reprint that removed the voucher description lineBugFix
07/02/01Added customer filter to sales analysis reportsEnhancement
12/02/01Fixed printer selection of VAT control account printoutBugFix
13/02/01Added sup# to bank recon report unpaid cheque listEnhancement
13/02/01Fixed crashing sometimes when report is running (error 5300?)BugFix
14/02/01Fixed descriptions of manual credit card payment method in zipsale & depositBugFix
14/02/01Updated raw returns to remove redundant messages & clarify warning promptBugFix
14/02/01Added mode option 4 for scanner without secure price but with passwordEnhancement
15/02/01Speeded up HP instalment editorEnhancement
15/02/01Added previous years comparison option on printed income statement & b/sheetEnhancement
17/02/01Utility programs written to update prices at franchise shopsEnhancement
21/02/01Fixed rewards export file generatorBugFix
21/02/01Made zipsale scan security as severe as normal sale (6-char for inven.code)BugFix
23/02/01Expanded amount fields in purchases journal entriesEnhancement
04/03/01Fixed printer selection for 1-month's VAT report (was going to PRN always)BugFix
27/02/01Fixed negative value reporting in stock check exception report (part 2)BugFix
01/03/01Fixed new-distribution supbody1.dbf bug, changed template file to supbody.dbfBugFix
02/03/01Made it more difficult to bypass inventory export file when invoicing grade 3Enhancement
03/03/01Cleaned up irrelevant prompts in purchase order program, made more friendlyBugFix
04/03/01Added group code lookup and validatorEnhancement
04/03/01Fixed costing of service orders when converting to merchandiseBugFix
05/03/01Changed file name of rewards DOS data file to <partner><store><year>.<batch>Enhancement
05/03/01Added cellphn, collectAddr, ID# & nickname to data search - customerEnhancement
05/03/01Fixed purchase receiving not posting cost or std.stk quantitiesBugFix
05/03/01Added refund cheque and bank d/order payment methodsEnhancement
06/03/01Made monthend D=debtors age analysis more user-friendlyBugFix
07/03/01Fixed historic balance sheet last_year & year_before errorsBugFix
09/03/01Added receipt print option when selling a gift voucherEnhancement
11/03/01Fixed till mode 7 (was operating through LPT1 only)BugFix
13/03/01Added COM3 options to serial till control (1,2,3,I,J,K)Enhancement
13/03/01Added options for dual user profiles - user numbers 11 to 39Enhancement
14/03/01Added *ADMIN* & LOGIN to program options in operator password clearancesEnhancement
15/03/01Purch/receive from transfer file now hides seller's private informationBugFix
15/03/01Purch/receive from transfer file now calculates average cost for std.stockBugFix
16/03/01Added Last purchase cost to std.stock trans.sensitive data displayEnhancement
16/03/01Fixed std.stock receiving to always record last cost to repl.cost fieldBugFix
20/03/01Fixed expand data file utility & updated unix version for file size field widthBugFix
20/03/01Added branch field to DOS/Windows version of iappro.dbf with updaterEnhancement
21/03/01Added <RS> and <FS> translation to header & letter (for ^\ and ^^ workaround)BugFix
23/03/01Fixed prepayment ref. from automatically repeating in receiptsBugFix
23/03/01Added 40-column voucher format for pos printersEnhancement
23/03/01Added 40-col slip printer enhancments to custom headersEnhancement
05/04/01Fixed classic debtors control account (was omitting display of f/charges)BugFix
06/04/01Fixed modified VAT customer's maximum discount checking to allow for VATBugFix
11/04/01Added branch input in payments whenever customer location differentEnhancement
12/04/01Added branch input in payments whenever customer location differentEnhancement
14/04/01Cleaned list option of group code editorBugFix
18/04/01Fixed another bug in Merch Turnover Report (cost turn may have been wrong)BugFix
18/04/01Put payment method BANK TRANS/CH before BANK DEBITORD (for Kbd=B)BugFix
03/05/01Added routines for licence dataHousekeeping
03/05/01Removed pubvar pLabelData because never usedHousekeeping
08/05/01Added negative/zero cost alert to salesEnhancement
13/05/01Added general, user-configurable, licence parametersEnhancement
13/05/01Made rounding of HP instalments a licence optionEnhancement
13/05/01Added user-defined statement headersEnhancement
13/05/01Made reward card a user-definable option - remove public var.Housekeeping
16/05/01Removed case-sensitivity from operator passwords.Housekeeping
16/05/01Made user-option to remove all operator passwordsEnhancement
18/05/01Changed Sales transaction error description to "Tran" (Was "Sale")Housekeeping
19/05/01Fixed Transaction branch prompt for non-matching branches in journal entriesBugFix
20/05/01Fixed bug when posting excluded VAT merchandise to inv. journalBugFix
20/05/01Moved function FindCost() to tidy program layoutHousekeeping
23/05/01Added more details and notes to file maintenance - suppliersEnhancement
28/05/01Allowed P.O.S. users to access "Get cheque cashed" via passwordHousekeeping
29/05/01Fixed case sensitivity of password programBugFix
05/06/01Fixed duplicate by reference when mixed std.stock & merchBugFix
06/06/01Added material/sub code to duplicate-by-reference printoutsEnhancement
09/06/01Removed Intermec paired bar code label program (not required)Housekeeping
09/06/01Added last-label eject/back-feed option to Austik S200 bar code programEnhancement
10/06/01Increased POS password to allow inventory journal searches to 6-char.Enhancement
12/06/01Fixed high speed CPU RS232 scanner bugBugFix
13/06/01Added issuing location filter to appro reportsEnhancement
13/06/01New design for alert boxes uses standard frames - now mouse-awareEnhancement
15/06/01Allowed P.O.S. users to see supplier numbers in inventory file viewHousekeeping
18/06/01Expanded sup_cost field in data export to grade 3 customers to allow largecred.BugFix
20/06/01Expanded size in alert window to allow longer messagesHousekeeping
05/07/01Added printer types "NETx" and "WINx" to print to Network & Windows printersEnhancement
05/07/01Put back option to show prices in merch. check list at POSBugFix
08/07/01Improved performance for use with Windows NT & Windows 2000 operating systemsEnhancement
09/07/01Removed refund cheque by BANK TRANS/CH method (Now BANK TRAN/EFT)Housekeeping
14/07/01Added bin number set/reset utilities to stock-take programEnhancement
14/07/01Closed all files before backup (fixes single-user file-in-use error)BugFix
16/07/01Added Bin Number options to exception reportEnhancement
16/07/01Added reference filter to goods received summary reportEnhancement
19/07/01Fixed bug in purch. receive from import file. file not in use errorBugFix
23/07/01Added "Insurance Valuation" header to omission by Messages=VVEnhancement
24/07/01Added Standard Stock to Labels by Number RangeEnhancement
24/07/01Added second message option (R) to service orders.Enhancement
25/07/01Confirm after selecting "Set Cat. defaults" to confirm in merch/stock editHousekeeping
25/07/01Removed backspace from header3b to fix problem (see 3/8/2001)BugFix
26/07/01Fixed labels by number range StdStock all-branchesBugFix
26/07/01Stopped duplicate-by-reference from printing "Delivered on your behalf to:"BugFix
27/07/01Fixed delivery notes bugs in 40-col. modeBugFix
27/07/01Added ShowPrice option to delivery notesEnhancement
31/07/01Fixed recent zip-valuations voucher format bugBugFix
01/08/01Fixed new sales analysis bugsBugFix
02/08/01Fixed obscure bug causing numeric overfow in dual-price bar-code labelsBugFix
02/08/01Added delay when failing system password so as to show failed messageEnhancement
03/08/01Updated support phone numbersHousekeeping
03/08/01Fixed 1-day-old bug in barcode dual-price labelsBugFix
03/08/01Replaced backspace in header3b (was not cause of problem (see 25/7/2001)Housekeeping
23/08/01Changed option default to Show Price on delivery notes. Added Skip option.Enhancement
27/08/01Increased buffer size from 512 to 32000 for RS232 scanner inputEnhancement
29/08/01Fixed tally cash program to recognise new non-cash payment methodsBugFix
31/08/01Added top-seller reportEnhancement
06/09/01Changed default to refund credit balance, from Yes to NoBugFix
07/09/01Recorded cancelled sales in analysis file as deleted recordsEnhancement
07/09/01Commenced addition of consignment stock controlEnhancement
07/09/01Advanced the addition of consignment stock controlEnhancement
11/09/01Fixed earring no-returns message optionBugFix
20/09/01Added price option to spare/box label (instead of code)Enhancement
02/10/01General houskeeping and tidying upHousekeeping
03/10/01Fixed sequence of branches was, for a short while, ACBDEF...BugFix
03/10/01Reduced POS password for deposit to 2-char.Housekeeping
03/10/01Password protected Data search Suppliers at POSEnhancement
03/10/01Fixed security password bug in POS Util.,Set Param.BugFix
07/10/01Added sales analysis-by-branch optionEnhancement
17/10/01Fixed blocked POS Quit access back door!BugFix
17/10/01Added analysis of Change-in-Inventory to detailed income statementEnhancement
18/10/01Developed enhanced version JSK+ with consignment, dollars & raw pricesEnhancement
02/11/01Expanded data fields in By-Supplier reports.Enhancement
08/11/01Fixed instalment rounding bug in negative HP sales & j.entriesBugFix
18/11/01Fixed payments report so as to include debit order payments
05/12/01Added fail-safe mechanism should istock.dbf be busy during sales month-endEnhancement
05/12/01Fixed cost recording of qty of non-inventory raw materials in service ordersBugFix
17/12/01Made debit order generator ignore unprocessed accounts when limit=0BugFix

  The Jewellery Shopkeeper (Plus)

A major enhancement was introduced in late 2001. (See description)  It was decided that, instead of increasing the price of the new program to everybody, the upgrade would be optional.   We are thus maintaining the original version as well as the Plus version.

Enhancements and bug fixes to the original version will always (where applicable) also be applied to the Plus version.  Enhancements and bug fixes that are only applicable to the Plus version will be listed separately, as is done below.

Plus version only:

11/12/01Fixed display of raw material cost in inventory f.maint. merchandise addBugFix
11/12/01Fixed new dollar price bug in sales transaction for raw materialBugFix
11/12/01Added extra (optional) department letter to general ledger account codesEnhancement
14/12/01Enabled exchange rate check at POS, password-protectedHousekeeping

Late note: September 2002

  • Maintaining two versions became too much of a burden and was not helping anyone.   Therefore, as from September 2002, the Plus version has been made the one and only version.  Major Plus-version features, like the consignment stock and Dollar pricing, have been blocked from users who have not purchased the upgraded licence.  Future lists of changes will reflect only the full list although some items may be blocked from your version of the program.  If there is any item listed that you need and can't find on your copy of the program, ask us - it may be a free option that just requires an enabling setting.

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