Enhancements to The Jewellery Shopkeeper


January 1999 to May 1999

  1. Added user/profile selection to payments list report.
  2. Added alert for extant debit order posting file of same date.
  3. Added method filter to payments report.
  4. Added user-entered number to "VOUCHER" payment method for controlling gift vouchers.
  5. Added sales transaction type "Gift Voucher" for "selling" or canceling/exchanging gift or discount vouchers.
  6. Improved file and record control for faster multi-user posting of sales and journal entries.
  7. Added option in sales transactions to refund credit balance.
  8. Closed customer file while editing to allow backups to work regardless
  9. Improved service order housekeeping (delete of old orders)
  10. Made automatic selection mode in sale/zipsale more persistent (self-restarting)
  11. Added forced delete of open & finished service orders (yes/no="X", date>1.25 years ago)
  12. Made multiple escapes prompt to cancel zipsale after 3 loops
  13. Added branch selection to purge customers utility
  14. Enhanced G.L. Cashbook report, Monthly Detail and Monhly Summary report for intelligent date ranges to match sales month-end dates.
  15. Made scan import program safe from accidental 'zapping' when restarting new entries.
  16. Added location & no-sort options to Inventory, Detailed Sales Report.
  17. Added "Style" management in the form of a 1-letter plus 3-numeric style code by use of "Cat" and "Bin" fields.
  18. Added "Style filter" that includes cat and bin filter and display to By Supplier report
  19. Made cat code non-editable when first adding merchandise & std. stock
  20. Added more detail to stock-take exception reports.
  21. Allowed user to decide when profit margin constant is to change when receiving inventory.
  22. Made markup and price-point specifications persistent for duration of program run.
  23. Improved warning message in inventory receiving when number of new labels on file exceeds 200.
  24. Added cost code to detailed cost reports.
  25. Added subtotal on raw material reports & summary options.
  26. Added material code P to gold status in merchandise add, and service order convert to merchandise, programs. This adds the cost of platinum to the gold cost field when automatic. costing of raw materials is computed.
  27. Added Inventory value reports by price range.
  28. Added inventory reports by category code.
  29. Added stock take exception notepad with analysis.
  30. Forced P.O.S. users to only show own branch in stock take report/list.
  31. Added branch selection filter to By Supplier report.
  32. Added cost-ytd check before allowing deletion of std. stock.
  33. Added cost price write-up/down (requires special user password)
  34. Added ..\images\<group>\ path option for images. Now all supported images can be stored in the defaults directory, as before, or they can be stored in a directory called images, or a sub-directory of images having the 2-character name matching the inventory group code.
  35. Added support for HP printers.
  36. Expanded printer parameter fields to incorporate specification of printer type for listings (HP/Other) printers and IBM or Epson options for labels.
  37. Added support for 40 column printer for sales vouchers.
  38. Added user defined options to sales voucher printer and serial and other cash drawer controls.
  39. Added new F1 help screens for printer and cash drawer parameter setting screens.
  40. Allow "multi-tasking" of printer drivers to stop problems when more than one instance of the program is running in Windows.
  41. Added shop address editing for multi-branch semi-domiciled invoices.
  42. Added F1 help for selection filter entry in letters (mail list selection).
  43. Added program timing correction to allow reliable use on the new faster Celeron processors.
  44. Added fax number to customer phone number search & display in Data search utility.
  45. Extended support to 9 user profiles (3 full access and 6 P.O.S.) to allow separate control of multiple tills in a single shop.
  46. Made immune to computer hardware that will not allow dates beyond 1999 by converting the 1980's decade as the 2000's decade. This will give those computers another 10 years of use.
  47. Improved new user help and information at system initialization.
  48. Added user 'passkey' system with bar-code-scanned key detection for added security where required.
  49. Added menu command to Enable/Disable mouse cursor (From outer menu, Utilities, Housekeeping)
  50. Allowed mouse cursor to be disabled by default in full-screen mode with colour parameter "O".
  51. Added intelligent logic search for mail list selections. Now allows AND OR and literal phrases.

June 1999 to July 1999

  1. Remove requirement to press enter when accepting post purchases to GL
  2. Improved GL year end year selection. Made mistake-proof.
  3. Checked that both ancillaries are posted before allowing year end.
  4. Fixed gl year end to carry forward unpaid cheques from other bank accounts
  5. Y2k improvements to shedhist
  6. Added cheque payment due date in purchases journal entries
  7. Password protected credit limit increase
  8. Added storing of customer's age analysis with year end clear as print file cageyyyy.dbp
  9. Added date-promised sort to service orders due reports
  10. Password(1) protected transfers from incorrect location
  11. Added sort to all-received label printing
  12. Made all-recieved clearing routine shrink ilbls.dbf down to 100 recs
  13. Added summary reports by year purchased
  14. Paginated main section of stock take exception report
  15. Added bin & cat filters to DOS version to match Unix version
  16. Added bulk transfers for merchandise & Std.Stock
  17. Added "D" parameter to till control for Epson POS printer
  18. Added Last Invoice Date *LSTDATE* to batch merge variables
  19. Added .NOT. option to boolean selections
  20. Allowed debtors ledger to print accounts below 'A' in sort order
  21. Made debtors ledger omit Zipsale account details if zero balances

September 1999 to December 1999

  1. Added option to export customer mail list to disk file
  2. Added email, cellphone & collection addresses to customer .dbf & file maint.
  3. Added collection address and filter to bad debtors lists
  4. Cleaned up customer file maintenance to make more user friendly.
  5. Added E-mail address list under sales reports.
  6. Improved phone list to show all numbers & only print non-blanks
  7. Improved service orders: Now asks for order number whenever printing requested
  8. Changed standard service order printouts to two-col. version (old cust. copy)
  9. Added single-day option to Inventory Reports Detailed Sls
  10. Added standard stock to graft import/export feature (import.prg now ok4unix2)
  11. Added option S for printer 2 to optimise for Seikosha SL-70 (& SL-60?)
  12. Show price sold in merchandise by supplier reports rather than tag price
  13. Added extended statements (2-months transactions)
  14. Cleaned up statement programs - can now print zero bal. active over 2 months
  15. Made customer file structure automatic. Improved fail-safety of update struct.
  16. Group code duty prepaid default of "?" now allows edit when adding merch/stock.
  17. Changed default for p.o.s. salesman's statistics rprt to Total sort (was Slsmn)
  18. Added date-in (full audit) report for service orders
  19. Expanded bad debts list options to have old as well as new layout of LstPmt/Bal
  20. Added parallel port bit 8 control option to till.prg optin "8"
  21. Allowed printer destination "PCAW" - for remote printing with pcAnywhere32
  22. Added option to select no sort in label printing, fixed infrequent on_hand bug Enhancement
  23. Added Austik Sapphire-200 for Barco-22 print program
  24. Added password requirement to abort file access retries

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