Enhancements to The Jewellery Shopkeeper

1998 (up to September)

(this is apart from minor bug and other program fixes.

Jan'98 --->7 September 1997

  1. Changed fulldate format to 08Jan1998, and on sales vouchers, and some other reports, to 08 Jan 1998. This is in order to make dates from 2001 to 2031 unambiguous
  2. Improved extended control account to show more diagnostic detail
  4. Added screen saver - press space at any menu
  5. Added Ctrl-F10 and Alt-F10 hotkeys to view pictures (works in many places where a stock code has been entered - including goods receiving, sales & credit notes
  6. Set all VGA graphics to 256-colour (see non-standard graphics adapters, below)
  7. Added currency parameter to oparam.dbf and memedit.prg to allow user to change the symbol on valuations and price labels
  8. Made Y2K bug proof. Will use correct date even if computer non-compliant
  9. Added option to use index custname by initials then title rather than title then initials. (Ask for instructions)
  10. Allowed automatic temporary drive allocation (SUBST no longer requ.)
  11. Added *B_Day* and *Aniversary* to batch merge variables
  12. Made purchase return print a TAX INVOICE.
  13. Added usual cautions text to repair vouchers
  14. Extended date format on all standard voucher printouts to include century
  15. Added appro suggestions to stock take exception report
  16. Added automatic capture of material and labour costs in merchandise
  17. Added supstkref to labels and dropped blank fields to allow addition
  18. Added logposting to all inventory receiving
  19. Added non-inventory sales report
  20. Added H(istoric option to orders reports
  21. Added credit limit and terms entry to new customers through valuations
  22. Expanded sale to allow up to 999999.99 and -999999.99
  23. Added due-date-for-first-instalment entry for hand debits (sales journal entries to HP accounts).
  24. Added PLU type codes to service orders.
  25. Split over_90 and non_payment selection in bad debtor lists
  26. Improved HP instalment editor
  27. Improved sales journal entries to include group & cost
  28. Showing payment limit, where applicable, on debit order list.
  29. Showing debit order name, when different, on debit order list.
  30. Added sort-by-debitorder-name to debit order list
  31. Added branch display on view account, acc#+branch on debit order edit
  32. Added "snap"to full balance if less than 5.00 for amount due instalment.
  33. Added credit balance aged analysis with inclusion of <2.00 balance
  34. Increased non-printable statement from .90 to 2.00
  35. Increased fc calculation min. balance limit to 2.00
  36. Added alert for statements before finance charges
  37. Added s(kip option to purchase transactions (except for orders)
  38. Purchases journal entry payments now ask for bank account for cheque payments
  39. Added bank account selection to cheque clearing program
  40. Allowed user control of graphics mode that will be used for displaying images and graphs.

October 1998 to December 1998

  1. Now allows negative price for raw material transactions in sales.
  2. Added Show option for HP instalments with integrity check
  3. Added JPEG viewer to allow use of .JPG images in addition to .PCX and .BMP images.
  4. Added picture delete option to inventory purge utilities.
  5. Added Weekly Salesman's Statistics & Ratios report
  6. Improved salesman's sales ratios report to separate negative sales.
  7. Added account type to finance charge list
  8. Added graphics parameter G=nnn to colour parameter e.g. "JSK 1 A WG=7" for non-standard graphics adapters.
  9. Made default payment bank account constant for multiple entries
  10. List-of-selected-names in batch merge prints customer number instead of sequential number.

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