Enhancements to The Jewellery Shopkeeper 1997

(this is apart from minor bug and other program fixes.

Jan'97 ---> 9 March 1997

  1. Made amend program validate dates
  2. Speeded large file deposits
  3. Added general ledger audit trail by xref.no.
  4. Changed G.L. year end. Unpaid cheques carried forward now have trans. ref. = 0
  5. Added alternative password for sale & zipsale max. discount override
  6. Fixed several year 2000 bugs - JSK now guaranteed for year 2000
  7. Made export sales prompt to not include VAT in invoice lines
  8. Added alert box if repeating custom label that would be invalid
  9. Added quantity option to merchandise add/receive
  10. Added selling price calculator if price entered as zero when adding and receiving merchandise & standard stock.
  11. Changed default for purchase voucher/order to EXclude VAT

10 March 1997 ---> 30 September 1997

  1. Increased insurance claim number from 9 to 13 characters
  2. Stopped supplier name&address list from printing NEWs
  3. Added sellpoint calculator to receiving
  4. Added check for duplicates in transfers.
  5. Put more detail in baddebts report
  6. Fixed bug introduced 2/8/94!! that caused deposit to be all CASH, tally to be all CASH, duplicate by ref to show as OTHER payments by discount to not subtract from VAT, etc etc? (These problems only occurred after viewing customer history by account number.)
  7. Added p.o.s. password for negative sale/trans/payments
  8. Improved friendliness of payments. If paying balance of account, amount need only be entered once, in ANY age field, and the computer will correctly allocate it so as to zero the account. Ageing adjustment entries (i.e. where a positive and negative amount is entered at the same time and the total equals zero) are automatically accounted for.
  9. Improved purchases payments to similar features as debtors payments (see above).

1 October 1997 --> 31 December 1997

  1. Password now required before allowing invoice to over-90 day arrear account.
  2. Warning message if no finance charges have been posted before month end.
  3. Made deposits, bank recons and cash book multi-account. Up to 10 separate bank accounts can now be easily controlled and checked.
  4. Added bin number and category code selection to various inventory reports. (Bin and cat codes are optional fields for the inventory files, as is decimal places in the standard stock quantity fields. Please call support if these features are desired.)
  5. HP account conversions now work for 30-day accounts where instalment is set to zero.
  6. Added prompt for instalment due date on HP sale.
  7. Added friendly customer name lookup to HP instalment edit.
  8. Added cat code to finder and sales analysis.
  9. Added debit order edit to customer edit ("Ok?" option D).
  10. Added totals to debtors ledger report.
  11. Added Inventory Report Journal Goods-received-summary. Ask for this report to be sorted by supplier and voucher number, and each goods receive voucher will be reported in total only. (Useful for checking against your creditors or G.L. purchases accounts.)
  12. Modified valuation letter printing to reduce page length if top margin>12 lines.
  13. Added ability to change normal sale and zipsale dates for manual mode.

The new version of Clipper proved to have a memory problem. A patch (fix) is available but I decided to stay with the older and well proven version a bit longer. Thus "adventurous enhancements" have been put on hold. Work has instead been done on a Unix version of The Jewellery Shopkeeper which is now available.

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