Additions & Enhancements to The Jewellery Shopkeeper in 1995

  1. Added valuation date selection and merge field (*ovdate*) to letters
  2. Added last transaction date option to letters selection
  3. Enhanced batch merge to include printing of letterhead
  4. Added mean turnover option to customer mail list selections
  5. Added option to omit printing of reference numbers on envelope address.
  6. Allowed POS users to access Utilities Menu
  7. Password protected data search journals for POS
  8. Added new report, sorted-by-code, to raw material journal
  9. Added "over-90 day" option to bad debtors reports.
  10. Added group code selection to "by salesman" report.
  11. Improved severe bad debt reports
  12. Added branch selection for duplicate-by-ref
  13. Allowed "dead lay by" statements if type=L and arrears=Y selected
  14. Forced deposit list to print contras & vouchers even when total of those payment type equal zero
  15. Improved opening balances program
  16. Put deposit reference field into receipt vouchers
  17. Completely revised payments analysis report - now gives more useful information. (Sales, Reports, Transactions, Payments)
  18. Added ability to change or edit customer account in service orders
  19. Increased decimal places of mass & carat weight to 3 (for sales)
  20. Updated status of invoiced service orders to show inv.# when already invoiced orders are requested to invoice again.
  21. Expanded service orders parts/materials mass to 999.99
  22. Added ID# to customer file & detailed list
  23. Hid max. discount password (sale & zipsale)
  24. Made sales payment method always default to CASH
  25. Added "Alert" messages for credit limit exceeds when both starting and finishing a sale.
  26. Disallowed negative prices in normal & zip sales. (Negative quantity must be used instead.)
  27. Improved Supplier Edit to remember names when adding new account
  28. Added sum-of-2-months VAT report to assist with VAT 201 form
  29. Expanded possible receipt reference number width to 7 digits (on request)
  30. Improved purchases payments programs to keep last payment method as default.
  31. Added "Rabbi", "Judge", "Advocate", "Jdg" and "Adv" to recognised titles for batch merge *name*
  32. Added debit order report (Sales, Reports, Statements, Debit order)
  33. Corrected approximately 50 program anomalies.

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